Watching My Words

Each month I choose a new habit to develop or solidify in my personal life and practice. These habits range from life style changes to housekeeping tips. The common element is it is something I want to see changed or improved in my daily life and practice.  

This month my habit is to work on improving my interactions with my husband.  You can read more about my Habit of the Month here. With the start of the new week, I am updating my habit focus a bit.  

Last week, I focused on responding positively when my husband reached out to hug or kiss me.  Rather than being frustrated that he has halting what ever task I was working on, I want to be thankful I have such a great man to love me.  This week, I will continue that aspect of my habit of the month, but am adding in guarding my words and the way I say things.  

With a busy family that includes grade school children and a toddler, there are days (at times it seems weeks) conversations are continually cut short or stunted by family demands, time constraints, or the current situation. It can be late at night before we really can talk.  As many married folks know that is not the time to bring up things that need in depth discussion or major thought. 

Tim is an expert at throwing what he needs to say into the brief moments we have during a day. Me, not so much. I function much better with some quiet time when I know he is listening and I can think clearly enough to formulate what I have to say appropriately.  Since those moments do not come every day, I am learning to take advantage of the brief times we have in the midst of all other activities. However, frustrations and disappointments are often not communicated kindly in this type of situation.   

So, I am working on making sure that all I say is spoken kindly. The frustrations and disappointments still need to be voiced, but they can be voiced in a way that is not downgrading to the hearer(s), or they can wait for a more appropriate time to be voiced. (Still spoken kindly, though!) This habit ties in with my habit of the month from last month, but it has the focused area of interaction with my precious husband.  

How about you? Do you have a habit you would like to see developed in your life? Would you join me this month in working on that habit or the interactions with someone in your life that could use some improvement?  

Whether it is in the development of your own habit or the habit of the month, I would love to have you walk with me in this area of life's journey.

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