A Month of Growth

Each month I choose a new habit to develop or solidify in my personal life and practice. These habits range from life style changes to housekeeping tips. The common element is it is something I want to see developed or improved in my daily life and practice.

A month of growth. 

That really is the only way to describe what this month's habit has been for me. I knew when I chose my habit of the month as working on my interactions with my husband that things would be changing and stretching for me. They have been. It has been good to see how the little, tiny, seemingly insignificant things (the way I greet him when he comes home, the tone of voice I use when talking with him, etc.) have made a big difference. It has not always been easy for habits are sometimes hard to change, but it has been good to see the difference it already is having.  

There is not much to report as to noticeable changes, most of the change has been with me in the attitudes that I carry with me through out my day. This habit is definitely not going away with the ending of the month.  Working on improving and maintaining good interactions with your spouse is something that you can not let slide. One day or week of being lazy about it, and things can quickly disintegrate.

How about you? Did you have a habit you are working on? How have you done with being consistent? Are you noticing changes in your life, or the lives of those around you, as a result of your habit practice?

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