About Me

Disciple of Christ, wife and mother, beginning blogger, and friend seeking to grow in fellowship with God and encourage others in their journey.

I am a Minnesota girl with a little bit of the country in her blood who enjoys learning, laughter, and all things autumn.  My wonderful husband works at a local ministry.  His days are filled with computers, helping people, and being a great husband and dad.   Our three beautiful children add an exciting and at times exhausting element to our life.  I enjoy learning with them as they grow.  

Together our family is seeking to glorify God, bless others, and grow in the values and characteristics that help us do these things. My life is full of housekeeping, having fun and learning with my family, working as a bookkeeper for a great attorney in the area, and improving my fledgling writing and craft skills.

Come walk with me a bit and allow me to share what I have learned and where I am growing on my journey of life.  I hope to able able to inspire you in your own journey, give guidance if needed, and enjoy sharing what we are doing and learning.  

Check out My Journal for a look at some more of my writing.  

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