Marriage Challenge and My Habit

I had just settled on my new habit for the month, and then I came across (through links in other blogs I read) the Marriage Challenge that is running over at Women Living Well Ministries.  I know it is February, and many blogs are probably focusing relationships this month.  This still seemed like a God thing, though.  

I just love Courtney's comments on her initial post about the challenge.  

"to praise, encourage, inspire, admire, build up, thank and appreciate your husband"

The challenge this week is to kiss your husband more . . . well, I think I do that already.  I have been making a point to make sure I greet him with a kiss and hug each morning and when he comes home each day.  For me this challenge is taking on a different look or action.

For me, the challenge is to respond with enthusiasm when he reaches out to hug or kiss me.  

So often when Tim rolls over in the morning to hug me, I groan because I am trying to get up and the last think I need is something to hold me in bed.  Or if he reaches out to give me a kiss as I walk past him, I do a hurried peck and then rush on with whatever I am doing.  

What if I were to greet his hug with an accepting and welcoming return hug or take a moment to give him the proper kiss he deserves?  The goal: to react in a way that he knows I appreciate his hugs and kisses rather than I am bothered by them or that is it difficult to make time for him.  I want to let him know through the way I respond that I value him! 


  1. I have been really enjoying the Marriage Challenge series and have found some other great blogs through the link up as well! I hope you enjoy this particular challenge...I know I will!

    Have a GREAT week!

    1. Thank you! Though, I started the habit of working on my connections with my husband before I found this challenge, I enjoy the opportunity to link with others who are also seeking to bless their husbands and their family. You too, have a great week!


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