Completion Habit

As October has marched by in all the beauty of fall, we in our home are focusing more on the habit of completion*.  When finishing with an activity or task completely finish it.  This could be putting the dirty dishes in the dishwasher  when done eating, cleaning up the game pieces and putting them away when a game is over, folding the blanket when you are done with it, placing the dirty clothes in the hamper not just near it, or hanging up your sweater when you come in from outside. 

Most completion tasks are simple tasks, yet the impact is amazing.  Not only is clean up easy (it is mostly all done already), but the overall effect is a hidden, or not so hidden, neatness to stuff of your home.  A more subtle effect is the development and strengthening of character: of being someone who completes what one does.  That effect has lifetime impact!  
*This habit is taken from Regina Leeds's, One Year To An Organized Life.