Excellent Speech

The words we say have such great impact . . . on us and those around us. I have been impressed by the importance of the things we say and the way we say them.  Both are so vital and reflect our heart attitudes.  

As I have been contemplating a new habit for this month, the list of possibilities was rather long.  In reviewing the possibilities, nothing seemed to be quite right.  Then in the midst of yet another talk with God about the attitudes in our home, and how they are being reflected in not such good ways in our speech . . .
. . . the habit became very clear!  And it will be emphasized not just for me, but for all in our home.  

Excellent speech.

The details of what that all means and how that is fleshed out in our life has yet to form clearly in my mind.  The words from Proverbs 25:11 have been resounding in my memory today.  

A word fitly spoken 

is like apples of gold 

in pictures of silver.  

What an amazing picture of what our words should be. To even begin to think of what that all means is overwhelming. This month's habit will take more thought, study, and teaching than others I have done. I am excited about the results for myself and my family!  

Do you have a habit you would like to see developed or solidified in your life?  If so, share it with us . . . and consider joining me? Whether it is in the development of a your own habit or the habit of excellent speech, I would love to have you walk with me.