Something Beautiful

A friend recently asked me, "What is something beautiful you have experienced today?"  The question struck me because of the wording.  The idea is often expressed in, "How was your day?" or "Did something exciting happen today?", etc.; but the way she phrased the question stuck with me and prompted thinking.

Beautiful things are all around us.  The sun, the fresh air, laughter, smiles, quiet moments, the joy of peace - we each have those wonderful things in our lives that are beautiful.  My beautiful moment - the joy and love coming from seeing my children run to greet me and each other after a day of being separated from each other.  What is yours?  It could be something you see, hear, or experience - something beautiful.


We are teaching

"When we confront sadness, misfortune, and defeat with a gallant spirit, our children will learn to live bravely."

I recently read this quote, and almost immediately put it in my inspiration file hoping that is would prompt some great thoughts.  Nothing fantastic has arisen, but this truth - what our children learn, they often learn from us - keeps coming to mind.  

As I see character traits good and bad in my children, I wonder, "Where did they learn this?"  Do they see those characteristics, the good and the bad, in me and are imitating me?  Are they learning how to deal with life and the many emotions and circumstances of life by how I act and react?  OK, so it is really not a question . . . they ARE learning by observing me.  But, what are they learning? 

So often I am finding the character traits I see in my family around me that irritate and bother me the most - the ones, I would most like to see change - are the ones that I struggle with on a regular basis.  Those around me, especially my children but I think everyone who observes my life, learns a bit more on how to deal with all the wonderful and challenging things to come by how I respond and react to them all.   What are they seeing/learning?  Is it worth imitating?