My wonderful husband

Each month I choose a new habit to develop or solidify in my personal life and practice.  These habits range from life style changes to housekeeping tips. The comment element is it is something I want to see in my daily life and practice.  

I have up to this point in my writing and blogging been very cautious about sharing too much personal information with "the world". That is going to change some this month for my new habit for February is very personal. It relates to my husband and my interactions with him.

Since February is so closely connected with Valentine's Day and thoughts of those you love, I tended to look for a habit that had to do with my family.

In the studying, learning, and growing I have done recently, it has been painfully clear to me that my interactions with my husband have not been -- well . . . helpful, uplifting, at times pleasant, etc. This has been very difficult for me to face. We love each other dearly and have a good marriage -- however, we regularly face times where our actions frustrate one another or we are (more often I am) frustrated by our seeming inability to work together well as a team.

So, my habit this month is to focus on my interactions with my husband. Do they help the situation? I am respecting him with what I think and say? Do they show him that I value him and his part in our family? Like some habits, I am not sure how this exactly will flesh out in daily life, but I am eager to start.

How about you? Do you have a habit you would like to see developed in your life? Would you join me this month in working on that habit or the interactions with someone in your life that could use some improvement?  I would love to have you walk with me in this area of life's journey.