Let's Get Writing

Each month I choose a new habit to develop or solidify in my personal life and practice. These habits range from life style changes to housekeeping tips. The common element is it is something I want to see developed or improved in my daily life and practice.  

This month, after a more personal growth habit last month, I am focusing on a habit that is more action oriented then attitude focused. As I have started to share more of what I am learning and doing on my blog, I have become acutely aware of the need to improve not only my writing itself, but way I write and how regularly I do so.

Even when I am not posting anything, I need to be writing - for practice does make perfect, or at least better. 

This month, I am looking forward to working on writing every day! I have several different areas that I am working on that I have things to share and want to make sure I get them on paper before my thoughts fizzle away or are pushed to the back by daily life. I want to be able to post regularly on certain topics or have a series that I post on the blog, and to so, I need to have things written. If I try to do it all in real time, I am sure that I would drive myself and my family nuts!

There is much to learn about writing itself apart from the blogging world. The forever student in me is eager to learn and practicing the habit of writing may provide me with the opportunity (excuse) to do some study on writing. I may even dust off and review some of my English writing notes and textbooks from college.

How about you? Do you have a habit you would like to see developed in your life? Would you join me this month in working on developing or solidifying a habit in your life that could use some improvement?  I would love to have you walk with me in this area of life's journey.

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