Speech lessons

The goal I selected (or rather choose out of slight desperation) for my January habit is excellent speech. When I first wrote about my new habit, I had grand ideas of studying excellence in speech - what did that mean? how did it look in real life? what was I going to do to establish this habit? how was I going to teach it to my kids and encourage us all in the development of this habit? Well, my grand ideas and expectations were drowned in the busyness and ideas that I allowed to crowd my days over the last few weeks.

So, here it is the end of the month, and I have very little to report in the development of this habit. Since it has been in my mind, I have been more aware of what I say and the tone of voice that I use. Man, do I sound awful sometimes!! I have also been talking with my husband on how we can work to develop excellent speech in our conversations and teach our children to do the same. "Kind words" is daily spoken as a reminder in our home.

I wanted to be able to share so much more on this topic. Yet, here I stand, feeling very empty-handed. Though, I am moving on to a new habit with February, I know that this habit will continue to be worked on in my personal life, and I continue to look for ways to better encourage those around me to speak with excellence (kindness, love, truthfulness).

How did you do? Did you have a habit that you were working on this month? Where you successful in establishing it or do you still have some work to do? I would love to hear your story. May this month's habits be ones that better our lives today and years into the future.