Easy Tomato Soup

I am always on the look out for easy, good tasting meals; and this was so tasty, I just had to share.  

My aunt and I were talking last week about tomato sauces and she suggested diluting tomato sauce for an easy tomato soup. Hmm . . . never thought about that, but it makes sense. Tomato sauce has tomatoes and all the delicious seasonings in it already that I have experimented with adding to my tomato soup.  

Today, in the midst of prepping for tomorrow's meals, I sauteed some onions and mushrooms. I had no particular reason, other than they sounded good and I had them. I was already sauteing onions for the other dish I was making, so it was not any extra work.  

Now what do I do with them?!? I had the tomato soup in my hand to add to my mushrooms and onion, when I remembered our conversation from last week. So, away went the soup and out came the tomato sauce. I added a bit of half and half (I am a sucker for cream soups), and suddenly there was a delicious pan of tomato soup begging to be eaten.  

Yummy! It was good! This is definitely going on my list of lunch meals. Since I usually make my own tomato sauce, I know what is my soup, and my growing awareness of the food I eat likes it that way. My tummy was pretty happy with the taste, too!

Have you ever experimented with making a standard staple in your pantry into something new? or using it in a new way in a recipe? How was the result? Did you discover something delicious? or something better left alone? I would enjoy hearing about your cooking adventures and discoveries.