My Food Journey

One of the many things that are on my list for this year is developing better eating and snacking habits for our family as well as eating some foods new to our dinner table.  This will entail some food learning for me.  And I know I will need to work with foods that to date I have left on the shelves of the grocery store.

I have a lot of trepidation about this goal.

When I came across Melanie from Only A Breath's The Real Food Experiment, I was very excited to be able to watch over her shoulder as she also journeyed in the area of real food and healthy eating.  

As Melanie shares her experiments in real food, I hope to follow with her and share with you all my own food journey: what I am doing, learning, etc.  I am not a food expert!  I have no official training in food prep or nutrition.  All I have learned has come from the people in my life, reading (reading, reading, and more reading), and experimenting (some successful and some not!).  I am terrified of being overwhelmed by the amount I have to learn, the changes I feel we need to make in our family, and the resistance I may face from the others in our home.  Yet, this terror while not stop me from proceeding!!

How about you?

Do you have eating or food habits you would like to see change?  Consider joining me as I make baby steps along the way.  I plan to post a couple of times a month, specifically about my food journey. I will make baby steps as I grow in my food knowledge and practices this year.  At the end of the year, I am determined to be in a different, hopefully better, place then I am today!