Yuck! What a mess . . .

I have been trying for three weeks now to do meal plans for my lunches.  This is one of the many steps I hope to make this year in discovering more real food and altering our family's relationship with food to be a bit better than it is.  I did not think this step would be that difficult, after all I have been meal planning suppers for over a year!  

Boy, was I wrong.  What a disastrous mess!!!

I think my brain went on vacation with the new year.  I was struggling with meal planning our suppers, but have done OK.  When I threw lunches into my meal plan tasks, yikes! I just about had a mental strike on my hands! I consistently came up with . . . well, sandwiches, sandwiches, maybe soup, and then sandwiches again, maybe some leftovers thrown in for variety. No wonder lunch is a difficult meal for me to eat.  

This experiment has shown me some very definite areas that I need to work on as I seek to become more intentional about our family's healthy eating habits (and developing them).  
  • Finding lunches that are more whole food than well, hot dogs (gasp!).  
  • Developing a arsenal of healthy, easy snacks.
  • Learning how to eat so that I satisfy my body's need for sustenance without eating more than what I need. 
Maybe I am over-thinking this process . . . maybe I entered this step a bit too confidently!  Whatever the reasons behind my stumbling, I definitely need to more time and effort into making my meal planning (for lunches, specifically) less of a chore and maybe a bit less torturous.