Hurry Up Messes

A friend of mine recently used the phrase, "hurry-up messes" in a note she wrote me.  Whether those were her exact words, or whether that was the idea of what she said I don't recall, but as I have been thinking about what to write this week this phrase has jumped out in my mind.

How many times do we create a mess simply because we are in a hurry.   The socks on the floor because we were searching for the pair we wanted and did not take the time to put the others away; the bed unmade because we did not allow the extra two minutes to straighten the sheets and covers; the papers on the desk we did not put away because we worked too late -- messes that are left because we did not allow or take the time to put them away or clean them up.

Maybe allowing margins in our day and schedule is not a bad idea.  Leave a bit of extra time, so when a mess is created (and they will be, for that is part of life) you have the time to put it away/clean it up.  Doing so creates the opportunity to come back to a clean space rather than one that is full of hurry up messes. 

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