Beliefs affect everything!

What one believes affects everything!  Does it really?!?  Yes, it does!  Whether it is what you believe the weather will be like for the day, or what you think of God and the Bible, or what you believe will happen when you sit in a chair.  What we believe or think about something or someone does have an effect on our life.   

What we believe about God and what the Bible has to teach us affects more than just some areas of life.  It does, or should, affect everything!  If I believe God exists and is interested in my life and has a design for me to live in a specific way, I will live in such a way so that my thoughts and actions reflect or are in line with that plan. 

If I believe the sun will shine all day, and warm the air, I will not wear my heavy coat.  If I believe the bridge I am going to drove over is not safe, I will choose a different way to go home.  Whether big or small, what I believe does affect what I think and ultimately what I do. 

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