Being Present

Being present was my habit to work on for this past month.  Not living so focused on what was coming next that I missed the time I was in right now.  Taking time to breathe and enjoy what I was doing, rather than rushing on to the next thing.  I had hoped that this habit would help me to enjoy the moments of the Christmas holiday season and not be too distracted by my plans for activities and meals.

So did it work? 

Well . . .This month has been a very weird blur of illness, holiday preparations and celebrations, and visiting time with family.  As I look back at the month, it has been nothing like what I expected four weeks ago when I was looking ahead at it.  I am finding it hard to evaluate how I did in the practice of my habit. Being present in the moment was a reality for me, not necessarily because of a conscience choice, though.  The need to take things one day and moment at time was very real for me.   With sickness in our home, plans for activities that relied on more than our family, and trimming down my holiday preparations so I was not overwhelmed; it seems as if I lived this past month in the moment by moment presence of each day.  

Evaluating how I did with my habit is slightly underwhelming.  A twinge of disappointment tugs on my heart as I consider how this habit effected me over the last several weeks.  I am not sure exactly how I was envisioning being effected, but the practice of this habit of being present is not what I thought it would be. Not to be stopped by the disappointment, I am looking at what I have learned.  All the planning and preparations and forethought in the whole world does not replace enjoying the moment you are in.  You can so easily miss the simple and profound joys and lessons of life by being distracted by what is coming.  And still you can live so much in the moment, that you fail to prepare and be ready for what is coming.  Most of life requires some preparation, some planning and getting ready.  Like so many things balance is so very important.  

General thoughts for this past month.

Think ahead and plan, prepare for what is coming and what you want to do and be, look to the future and work towards your goals.  Yet in all your looking ahead, don't overlook that wonderful time you have now!  Don't miss enjoying the single flower bloom because you are so distracted by the view of the field in before you.  Prepare for what is coming, and at the same time enjoy what you have with you today!