Welcome to my kitchen

So, here it is . . . my kitchen.  Not much to look at, pretty small, in need of some remodeling help (at least some new wallpaper, or some paint instead of the wallpaper), but this is where I create the meals that feed our family.  Over the last year, I have been working to make our eating and hence, my cooking habits, more healthy and better for us all.

As you stand in the doorway of the kitchen, the other end of the kitchen is only about six steps away.  A pantry cabinet built into the wall holds my recipe books, microwave, mixing and serving bowls, the crock pot, and our rarely used waffle iron.  On your right the dishwasher and sink take most of the space of that run of lower cabinets.  The small square of counter that is there is the creating zone for the baking experiments I have with my girls.  On the left is the refrigerator, a small section of counter for food prep, and then the stove.

Behind me is the makeshift pantry, that we worked together from half of our large front closet.  Yes, the kitchen is just inside our front door on your left.  Overall, I love it.  I think my favorite feature (which I just recently discovered) is the fact that I can make supper with my son hanging on my legs.  Since I can reach the stove, counter, sink, and frig by simply rotating a bit; the fact that he likes to hold himself up by hanging on my jeans or skirt does not really slow me down much.

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