My Breakfast Table

I am not sure why I felt compelled to take a picture before I sat down to breakfast yesterday morning.  As I review the picture there is even a story or stories to tell here. 

The cereal is my attempt to eat a bit healthier and easier.  Making a breakfast each morning, is just a lot of work.  On days, when I am not up before everyone else, as today was, I get my husband and girls out the door to work and school and then eat my breakfast.  This morning, the baby slept until everyone was gone, so he joined me.  The yogurt and apple help the cereal to last until lunch.  For whatever reason, I am always hungry in an hour or two when all I have is cereal.   Just peeking out from the behind the baby cereal box, you can see my "extra" treat.  Turkey bacon.   I just got it yesterday.  It is less expensive then regular bacon, and since we are watching our food budget, I thought I would give it a try.  (Side note:  it tastes OK.  Not the same as pork bacon, obviously, but an OK substitute.  It actually might help keep us from eating too much bacon, since it is not as yummy as the "real" stuff.)
I have my planner and Bible there for my daily reading and review of the coming day.  By the way, it took me until after lunch to complete those.  (The writing thoughts bouncing in my head combined with the baby who just did not want to play alone, kept from finishing that.)
I realized later as I ate that my tea was not at the table and hence not in the picture.  I am an avid warm fluid drinker.   Tea or coffee, not that picky most days.  Except, the coffee must have a good dose of creamer in it.  This morning, since we were almost out of creamer (and that is an extra in our food budget), I saved it for later when I could savor the cup of coffee a bit more.  

That is all of the snapshot of my breakfast yesterday.  The baby went down for his nap, and I went on with finishing my reading and day's preview.  Then showering and getting dressed (yes, I was still in my PJ's - see my comment earlier about not getting up before the kids), finding my kitchen under the dirty dishes, and getting through some of my To Do's before baby's morning nap is over.  
As I review this to post it, the last item listed there did not quite happen.  The morning flew, and I was busy doing stuff - just not things on my to do list.  It was a good morning, though.  Now, on with the weekend.

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